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“Business as usual” is no longer an option and the private equity industry has shifted gears accordingly: there is growing interest in digital technologies, ecosystems and products, as companies look beyond their own four walls to accelerate the execution of new capabilities, or to assess their existing technology systems.

Working with Private Equity Firms since 2004

What Assess IT Can Do For You

With skills that few offer, we are objective, comprehensive, and experienced professionals focused on identifying and evaluating technology and product risks, and providing strategy and implementation oversight to position your portfolio companies for growth.

Our Private Equity clients depend on our ability to anticipate, recognize, and address their specific technology needs. We value each of our clients and our relationships with them are earned, built on a foundation of professional and relational trust.

“Assess IT has provided us pre-acquisition technology assessment, as well as post-acquisition turnaround management for many of our portfolio companies.  
We’ve relied on them for years to ensure we have a clear and objective view of where our companies needs to go.”
J.D. – Managing Partner 

From Pre Acquisition Assessments to Post Acquisition Technology Management

We can help fill a critical role and ensure you have a complete picture of where your technology is today, and where it needs to go.  We work well in all the different stages of your portfolio company to insure your business is meeting its goals.







Learn more about how we partner with private equity firms to support their technology management needs:

  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Project Turnaround
  • CTO/CIO Services
  • Advisory & Strategic Services
  • Vendor Identification/Negotiation
  • Technology Assessments

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